Upcoming Club and Alternative Motorsport Events

04 June 2024 / David Lawler

With the planned 25th August track day at the One Raceway circuit (formerly Wakefield Park) cancelled by the venue due to delays in upgrading the track, that leaves a bit of a hole in the club calendar.

We hope to get a new date at One Raceway later in the year, but for now, here are a few events run by our club or by others that give an opportunity to get out for some motorsport with other MX-5 Club members.


Sunday 16th June - MX-5 Cup

Round 3 of the MX-5 Cup racing series will be at the SMSP GP/Gardner Circuit on Sunday 16th June.

This is a great series for those wanting to start door-to-door racing, and spectators are of course welcome.

There is more information about MX-5 Cup on the club website as well as details about this specific event.


Sunday 30th June - MX-5 Club & NSW Motorkhana

Each year our club runs one round of the NSW Motorkhana Championship. Initially we ran them on the skidpan at SMSP, but for the last few years we have been at Nirimba TAFE in western Sydney.

This year we have included this NSW Motorkhana event as a round of our MX-5 Club Motorkhana Championship, giving competitors in that club championship an extra chance to improve their pointscores.

Unlike motorkhanas on the SMSP skidpan, this event is run on dry bitumen surface and so will allow higher speeds and tighter turns when performing the tests. It will also be an opportunity to observe and compete against the best motorkhana drivers in the state.

MX-5 Club members who compete at this event will score points in the NSW Motorkhana Championship and will be separately scored in the Club Motorkhana for points counting towards the MX-5 Club Motorkhana Championship.

Entries are open now.

For more details about the event, the supporting documents, and instructions on how to enter, please see the event page on the club website.

Fun fact: The bitumen area used for motorkhanas at Nirimba TAFE was previously part of the runway complex at RAAF Station Schofields during WW2, which later became HMAS Nirimba and then Schofields Airfield.


Sunday 23rd June - CSCA Supersprint

The Combined Sports Car Association (CSCA) is comprised of 8 sporting car focused car clubs, and runs it's own annual supersprint championship. The next round of that championship is scheduled for Sunday 23rd June on the SMSP North/Druitt Circuit, and will be run by the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia.

I would like to incorporate CSCA events into our club calendar from next year, and on top of getting some track time before the next club event, this event is a great opportunity for some MX-5 Club members to participate in this CSCA supersprint and provide feedback to the MX-5 Club. Entry is done via the Motorsport Australia Event Entry system and costs $280 with your own Dorian timer, and $20 extra to hire a Dorian. For more information about the event and the entry process please read the Invitation Cover Letter document provided by the Jaguar club. You should also consult the CSCA Class Table to determine the appropriate CSCA class for your car.

I will be going, and hope to see a few MX-5 Club members there too.

Update: As at 4/6/24, there have been 59 entries to this event, including 9 MX-5 Club members.


Monday 24th June - RCCA & RenoTech Track Day

The Renault Car Club of Australia (RCCA) along with RenoTech are running a track day on the SMSP GP/Gardener Circuit on Monday 24th June. I don't know much about this event, but it has been recommended by long time MX-5 Club member and regular scrutineer Gerardo Martin, who is also a member of the RCCA. Entry is $375.

For more information please look at the RCCA Flyer for the event, or the event page on the RCCA web site.


Saturday 24th August - CSCA Supersprint

The Combined Sports Car Association (CSCA) is comprised of 8 sporting car focused car clubs, and runs it's own annual supersprint championship.

After 23rd June at SMSP North/Druitt, the next CSCA Supersprint will be run on the SMSP GP Circuit on Saturday 24th August by Club Lotus Australia. This could be a good substitute to our lost track day at One Raceway on 25th August, and an opportunity to drive on the SMSP GP circuit.

Entries for this event will likely open after the preceding CSCA Supersprint on 23rd June, so this is just a heads up to keep the date free if you are interested in this event.