Wednesday Pub Lunch Run

23 November 2021 / Words and pictures by Stephen Wakeling

The last Pub run in August just so happened to be on the day before lockdown hit the ACT. Our recent pub run in November was very shortly after the lockdown was lifted. This latest run was still within the ACT and a repeat of the August run. Enquiries to pubs outside the ACT were still restricting group numbers to below what was required for these runs. I was looking for bookings of 20 people and due to wet weather forecast I was requesting seating inside.

Hopefully future pub runs will be back to normal.

Nine cars and 10 members made up the run participants. The weather forecast was not looking good but luckily it did not rain and consequently the traffic was very light to the point where we did not come across any slow traffic between Tharwa and the Cotter.

The Cotter dam was overflowing and the trees that had grown in the riverbed during the drought were having their strength tested.

At the George Harcourt Inn we were required to sit outside but to the pub’s credit we were comfortably seated under a large marque. An enjoyable meal was had by all.

Just a reminder that this run is open to all members, just not men and on this occasion three women enjoined the run.


There are plenty more photos by our enthusiastic member Lili Chi on our Chapter's Facebook page: Check them out!

(The Wednesday Pub Lunch Run will be a regular short run during 2022 - the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Plans are afoot - should that be awheel? - to find some new pubs to end up at, and maybe a route variation or two. Stay tuned ...)