Where it all began - Carrington Falls Picnic

29 June 2024 / Words: Rhys & Ashley Howse. Photos: Rhys & Ashley, Rod Nicholas

Eleven years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to get my soon to be fiancé out of bed at 5:00am to drive to Carrington Falls for a memorable sunrise champagne breakfast proposal. That all went ok.

So, when our Chapter had a last-minute cancellation in the event schedule, I thought, geez this is pretty coincidental - 22 June we got engaged and now, 22 June we can give this car run (our first original car run!) a crack. Let's do it.

We were greeted at Mick Sherd Oval by an overwhelming number of large RAM and Ranger like trucks - but in the back corner the keen observer could identify what could be known as some elegant and sleek sports cars (and one speed hump, sorry Aero Grey is not a colour*).

We had a brief chat about the run, and then our eight-car convoy set off for Marulan via Tarago and Bungonia. Delightfully, the gravel sections out to Tarago had been sealed which was the extent of our 4WD efforts for the day.

The drive from Tarago to Marulan was cruisy and relaxing, mainly being 80 kph roads, with some beautiful early morning sun shining down and all of us going topless.

With a short spurt on the Hume, we descended on the Meridian Cafe for a cuppa and a short morning tea break before heading onto the main show.


We descended on the Meridian Cafe

After caffeinating at the Meridian, we all got back to business and headed off to Moss Vale, which was pleasantly quiet, allowing all of us to stay together down the Illawarra highway and through to Robertson. We started getting some regular Southern Highlands misty drizzle just outside Moss Vale, which transformed to a bit more of a constant rain type scenario by the time we arrived in Robertson. We stopped as we entered Robertson to chuck on the roof and pulled the group back onto the main drag. Ashley and I had discussed wet weather alternatives, and as we were driving past the football oval, noticed an undercover ‘picnic’ area so we promptly stopped the group, and floated the idea of having an impromptu picnic in Robertson, noting our destination at Carrington Falls unfortunately has no cover from rain.

Some of the crew elegantly reversed back into the oval carpark whilst others tried their luck at ripping a U-turn on the main road.

We cracked a couple of bottles of bubbly to celebrate the occasion (very low alcohol content, and tiny glasses), and everyone shivered through a rather enjoyable, albeit wet, lunch in what felt like negative five degrees of weather.


Shivering through our picnic

There were bathroom facilities at the oval; unfortunately these were locked when we arrived. Out of nowhere (about 20 minutes after our arrival) the local Spuddies (footy team) came to save our bladders - unlocking the bathrooms for all to enjoy.

We packed up after our brief lunch and headed onto our final destination at Carrington Falls.

The drive in is slow, scenic and has a bit of a mystical vibe going for it, even better when you have seven MX-5s in your rear view mirror to enjoy.

Conveniently, due to the interesting weather, the car park was almost empty, accommodating all of us well. We gathered and made the short 150m walk to the main waterfall. Delighted gasps of awe were expressed as we came to the lookout edge - having just rained, it was well and truly cascading down the falls edge.


Carrington Falls - 90 metres tall

The drizzle and drive made for a memorable outing, and we very much enjoyed the company.


The brave ones

Rhys & Ashley

* Aero Grey is indeed a colour—new and exciting and as far removed from Soul Red (in its myriad of shades) as possible. [RN, Convenor and owner of said speed hump]