Wombat's off- let's go to Young

10 May 2024 / Words and pictures - Peter Wilson

The plan was to go to Wombat, for a feed of Wombat pies (or whatever was on the menu for the day at the pub), but the news came through that the pub wasn't opening its kitchen on the day of our run, and neither was the cafe opposite. A few route adjustments here and there, a phone call or two, and hey presto! We had a run to Young.

It was overcast and a little cool when I arrived at Daughters at Hall and I was surprised to see a few members already sipping coffee.  I thought I was early!

The weather required the use of our Chapter’s MX-5 jackets, but we were optimistic it was going to be a fine day.  Sixteen members in a collection of twelve NC and ND MX–5s were ready to drive at 10.15am.

As we departed after the morning ‘peak hour’ traffic it was a smooth run along the Barton Highway to the Hume.  The weather warmed to allow top-down motoring.  As usual, Lachlan Valley Way had roadworks and those annoying traffic signals!  Not much of a delay and we were on our way to Cunningar Road and a few more back roads for a traffic free and spirited drive to Young.

Although I had not previously visited the Services Club, it proved to be an excellent venue for lunch with all very satisfied with their respective meals.

After lunch there was some time for shopping before the drive, via Murringo, to Boorowa.  Of course, a mandatory stop at the Marsden St General for an afternoon caffeine hit and more chat!

Rather than take the boring run via Lachlan Valley Way, we opted for the drive via Rye Park.  A far more interesting drive with some challenging sections of twisties.

I arrived home with just over 300 kilometres on the trip meter.

Another great day for a pleasant drive on traffic free country roads. Thanks to all on the run, great company!