Club Logo

The Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW operated without a formal club logo for the first few years. The classic NA MX-5 was featured on the original logo designed by Joe Bollen, which was adopted in August 1994. This logo served the Club well until after the arrival of the NB MX-5.

Old logo of the Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW

At the AGM on 24 July 2002, the members of the Club voted to change the club logo. The old logo was deemed to be inappropriate as the use of an NA MX-5 did not represent club members who owned an NB MX-5. In addition, the complexity of the logo caused extensive difficulties in reproducing it for regalia, signage and stationery. However, the proposed new logo created by Vice President Laurie Tesoriero was rejected by the members. Logo Proposal 2002

A Special General Meeting was held on 27 August 2003, where two proposed new logos were presented for selection by members. Laurie's original design was reworked slightly and resubmitted for consideration. The winning design and our current club logo was created by Publicity Officer Liam O'Hagan.

Logo options 2003

The original Mazda MX-5 badge forms the focus of the design, while the red "swish" represents an open-topped MX-5 in profile. The logo embodies the clean, simple and elegant design that helped make the MX-5 the best selling sports car the world has ever known. The design is cool, sophisticated and available in a range of colours.

Club logo