Boorowa Backroads

Sun 03 October 2021
The Baker, 1 Victoria Street, Sutton
9.00 am for a 9.30 am start
Peter & Annemie Wilson, 0402 248 553 ,


The Boorowa folks are probably a bit miffed at having to cancel the Running of the Sheep again, but with a bit of good luck we can pay them (the Boorowa folks, not the sheep) a visit anyway.

Peter & Annemie have put together a nice run of around 300 km with a pleasant picnic by the Boorowa River.

At this stage, Peter plans to lead us to Crookwell for morning coffee, then the backroad to Boorowa via the metropolis of Rugby.

We’ll picnic in the park and head off home via Yass, where we can get an arvo coffee before making the final leg of the run home.

Run Grade: This is a ‘Long’ run (around 300 kms), suitable for all drivers (less experienced drivers will preferably have been on at least one ‘Cruiser’ run previously). The run features some narrow country roads and a few winding bits. There may be some rough bitumen from Rugby to Boorowa. The Club’s Grading System is described at

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Please note, this run is subject to Covid-19 restrictions (lifting of the current lockdown).