Run Grading System

The Committee has resolved to provide a grading system for the Club's social runs. We aim to provide a grading for each run organised by our Club to ensure that nobody finds themselves in an event unsuited to the requirements and/or expectations.

The Grading System is intended to advise members about the distance covered on a run, the technical difficulty of the roads involved, and the posted speed limits along the way.

All Club events are open to all members. All participants are expected to drive within their capabilities, in accordance with any license restrictions that apply to them, and in a courteous manner at all times. No member will be precluded from participating in a run which they may not necessarily "qualify" for.

Future updates of our Event Calendar will aim to rate each run according to its Grading (E, C, L, H, XH) and Style (Convoy or Waypoint). Please bear with us as we bed in this new system.


Run Gradings

E = EASY – A casual run suitable for all drivers of around 100km to a lunch venue and back. The route tries to avoid 100km/hr and 110km/hr roads as much as possible. This type of run is suitable for all licensed drivers.

C = CRUISER – A leisurely run suitable for all drivers of between 100km and 200km to lunch and return with a morning break. The drive is mostly 80km/hr and 100km/hr roads. This is the Club’s recommended introductory run for inexperienced drivers of MX-5s.

L = LONG – A run similar to Cruiser Runs of between 150km and 250km to lunch & back with regular stops along the way. The route includes some 110km/hr highways over a variety of terrains and road conditions. We recommend that inexperienced drivers of MX-5s should complete at least one “C” run before attempting an “L” run.

H = HARD – A relaxed run that includes long sections of 100-110km/hr highways and some challenging sections along the route. The run includes regular convenience, refreshment and point of interest stops. The distance covered is anywhere between 150-400km to lunch & back or to overnight destination at comfortable pace. Suited to confident drivers of MX-5s and should not be attempted by inexperienced drivers before completing at least one “L” run.

XH = CHALLENGING – These are runs of up to 600km per day or more, that focus on the driving rather than the social experience. XH runs are not recommended for inexperienced drivers of MX-5s. These events are characterised by early starts from venues on the urban outskirts with few, if any, stops along the way to destinations out in the countryside. XH routes include 100km/hr and 110km/hr roads concentrating as much as possible on twisty and challenging back roads away from populated areas.


Run Styles

Most Club runs, including those organised by Chapters, are presently organised as a convoy. The event has a fixed route, run leader and sweep, with all cars staying together in a group. The route offers convenience, refreshment and point of interest breaks along the way. These runs are suitable for all drivers and are passenger friendly preferring major highways, “A” & “B“ roads. A convoy run is governed by the Club’s Code of Conduct. Guidelines are available for the Organising & Leading of Club Runs.

We are introducing a new type of run called a “waypoint run”, based on the recommendation from the MX-5 Club of Western Australia. On a waypoint run, drivers are given a preferred route and destination venue to travel to at their own pace. The Club’s Organiser provides everyone with waypoints for participants to meet up and regroup along the route to a destination venue and back. Driving in a bunch is not encouraged but a matter of individual choice. There is no run leader and no sweep. The event is governed by the Club’s Waypoint Guidelines.


Links to Documents

Code of Conduct & Incident Sheet

Organising & Leading Club Runs

Waypoint Run Guidelines

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