Crookwell Pub Lunch

Fri 10 June 2022
The Baker, 1 Victoria Street, Sutton NSW
10.15 am for 10.30 am start
Peter and Annemie Wilson, 0402 248 553,


A drive via Gundaroo, Gunning and Grabben Gullen to Crookwell for lunch at the Criterion Hotel.

Bring some warm clothes, Crookwell is 887 metres above sea level and often cooler than Canberra!

After lunch we will return home via the same route and stop at Gunning for an afternoon coffee.

All up, about 200 kms.

Run Grade: This is a Cruiser run, suitable for most drivers. It features some narrow country roads, and (possibly) a few potholes to avoid. The Club’s Grading System is described at

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