Mid-week Pub Lunch Run

Tue 09 August 2022
Cotter Avenue carpark, below Cotter Dam
10.00 am for 10.15 am start
Rod Nicholas, 0419 436 296, rcmx5canberra@gmail.com

Mid-week Pub Lunch runs are going to be regular feature in 2022.

Each run will aim to get you in the mood for a good pub feed, but where we head will be known to a select few (including our Run Leader, we hope) and where we end up is a bit of a mystery (except, given the name of the run, it’s likely to be a pub).

Wherever we go, wherever we finish, it will be fun.

Details will follow, once we work them out. If you register, we will be sure to let you know all that needs to be known.

Run Grade: This is a ‘Cruiser’ run, suitable for all drivers. It features some narrow and winding roads. The Club’s Grading System is described at https://nsw.mx5.com.au/events/important-information/run-gradings.

RSVP to rod Nicholas at rcmx5canberra@gmail.com.