NSW Motorkhana Championship

Sun 09 August 2020
SMSP skidpan, Eastern Creek
7:30 AM
Ian Combes, 0433 159 726, competition@mx5.com.au

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This event is open for MX-5 Club members.

In 2020, the MX-5 Club of NSW will be hosting a round of the NSW Motorkhana Championship at Sydney Motorsport Park skidpan.

Note that whilst the event is being run by the MX-5 Club, and whilst Club members are absolutely encouraged to enter, it isn't part of a MX-5 Club motorkhana championship (though it is part of the NSW State Championship obviously).

You don’t have to be part of the NSW Motorkhana Championship to enter this – the event is open to all MX-5 Club members.

Direct deposits:

BSB: 062401
Account: 10080286
Name: Mazda MX-5 Club of New South Wales

Please include your MX-5 Club membership number and 'NSW Motorkhana' in the reference.
Please allow at least 2 days for the deposit to hit the Club's account, or bring some form of proof of payment with you on the day.

Don’t worry about it being a NSW State Motorkhana round – it’s much lower key than the NSW Supersprint Series for example. Many MX-5 members who have done club motorkhanas will do just fine in this event, and in fact could be quite competitive.

There will be some differences from our Club motorkhanas though. Timing will be electronic for one thing. Instead of the plastic cones we use for our club motorkhanas, we will be using the flags and concrete bases that we used last year at Nirimba.

We expect to be using the Renault Club electronic timing equipment (used at all State Motorkahana rounds) – it will be set up for us, but we will need volunteers to do timing at the 2 or 3 tests that are running simultaneously. At a minimum, we need 6 timers, but 9 is much better. So, come and see what state level motorkhanas are all about!

Although things are gradually getting back to some resemblance of normal, we still need to run this event with careful social distancing rules and group size management. Everyone knows about the 1.5m rule. The other rule entrants need to keep in mind is the 20 person group rule - max 20 people in a group.

Unlike the recent MX-5 Club Motorkhana, we will run this event as an all day event, not split into AM and PM. We will divide up the paddock area in two parts in the same way – 20 people in each.

The exact arrangements will be communicated later.

Briefing notes will be sent out to all entrants as there are a number of special arrangements for this event.

There will be no L1 come and try licences available for this event. You will need a Motorsport Australia L2S or L2NS licence or better. There will be no passengers allowed (except for juniors). The event is limited to competitors + 1 pit crew each (who must be nominated ahead of time). Sorry, but we can't have spectators at this event.

Passengers are not permitted at this event – except cohabiting parent of  juniors are allowed this time.

Entry is via the Motorsport Australia event entry system. Note that the web page for this has recently been updated, so it will be new to you. If you haven't already, you will have to re-authenticate before you will be able to login, but your old password will still work. 

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