2022 Driver Training Day

29 March 2022 / Ian Combes

The first (and so far only) Driver Training Day of 2022 is now open for entries!
With the COVID-19 dramas, we haven't been able to run any Driver Training days for awhile. We had a sniff at one in the middle of 2021, but then the second (COVID) wave hit us...
Hopefully, things have settled down a bit there now, so Driver Training Days are back on.
The Club's Driver Training days are an ideal opportunity for road or track drivers to sharpen their skills, or perhaps to learn some new skills in preparation for driving at a club track day. A classroom tuition session will be available for all drivers during the first round (non first timers may miss a track session if attending the classroom).
First timers will have different experienced advisers in their car for tuition during the day (or as required). Non first timers are welcome to ask an adviser to sit in with them if there is one available.
To encourage as many people to come along on the day as possible, we have held the entry prices at historically low prices.
Depending on the level of interest, we'll decide if there's scope for a second event this year. Conversely, if there isn't much interest, we'll need to decide to do with this events in the future.
If you're a first timer (never been on a circuit before) - this is the best introduction to Club motorsport you will find. Not only will; you get personalised advice from a number of different experienced Club competitors (typically 6 during the day), you'll get an hour of track time for your bargain basement entry fee!