About Us

The Sydney Chapter provide the traditional Club runs, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. Midweek runs are organised occasionally, and suit those who may not be able to make it to weekend events. The runs are at a fairly relaxed pace, with plenty of time for socialising so that you can meet new people and catch up with old friends.

A run typically begins with a mid morning gathering at a nominated designation. After a bit of chit chat, the run leader will provide a briefing about the day's event, including an overview of the route, the arrangements for any stops along the way, and information about the lunch destination. Expectations about safe driving on the run will also be covered. And then you hit the road!

The runs are organised as a convoy with a run leader at the front and a sweep at the end to help keep the group together on the road. Please make yourself familiar with the Run Grading System, Code of Conduct, and Incident Sheet before attending a run. Further details are also available on Organising and Leading Club Runs.

The Sydney Chapter holds regular midweek dinner gatherings at several locations to encourage people to get out and meet their fellow members in a social situation away from their cars. We encourage all members to get involved with these social groups so that you can get to know your local Club members. See the event calendar for details.

Inspired by the Coffee & Lies by the Canberra Chapter, the Sydney Chapter has the very popular Coffee & Pies! Join us at the famous Pie in the Sky on Old Pacific Hwy, Cowan on the first Sunday of the month. The pies are delicious, the coffee is hot, and the MX-5 company is grand. Give it a try.