Club Torque - Contributor Guide

To contribute an article or photographs for publication in Club Torque, please contact the Editor at Contributors of articles and photographs earn points for the Member of the Year Awards.


Writers should aim for around 300 words for a single-page report, which allows space for a few photographs. No formatting or layout design of the report is required – writers can simply prepare their report in an email. It is best to complete the report as soon as possible after each event so that your memory is fresh. The report should include the run leader's name, the number of cars and people on the run, and an outline of the route. Remember that the magazine aims to entertain, so keep it light, try to inject some humour or wit, mention names of participants, and highlight interesting observations from the event. The Editor reserves the right to edit the content of the article.


Photographers should supply their digital photos in JPG format with a resolution of at least three megapixels. The Editor may request maximum resolution files if they are to be featured on the cover. At least three photos are required for each article/event. Photos should be correctly focussed and preferably require minimal colour correction. Digital watermarking of copyright information should be avoided. Digital photos can be sent to the Editor by email if there are a few small files (maximum 3MB total). To submit large numbers of photos, please supply or post them to the Editor on a CD/DVD or memory stick (email for the address), or upload to an image hosting website such as Flickr, Imageshack, Photobucket, SmugMug, etc. (ensure setting for full size photos is "public"), and email the web address to the Editor.

Story Template

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