Gloucester - Out of hibernation run

22 November 2020 / Roby Leckenby & John Hansen

An out of hibernation run for the MNC Chapter to Gloucester and Buladelah

AGM 2020 via Zoom

2020 Annual General Meeting

19 November 2020 / Story by Wesley Hill

The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the MX-5 Club of NSW was held on 23 October

It's a Long Way for Fish & Chips

16 November 2020 / Words by Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Steve Hinton

It was a long way to go for a feed of fish 'n' chips, but with the sun shining, and the tops down, no-one seemed to notice.

The Fourth Be With You (Third Time Lucky)

16 November 2020 / Words Bailee & Jan Gibson. Photos Jan Gibson

It's always a bonus to find new members keen to report the news of a run. Bailee may appear like she is a good looking scatteerbrain, but boy can she write!

Mazdas in the Mist November 2020

15 November 2020 / Words Bill Short

Finally a return of Mazdas in the Mist! Read the news and sing along with Bill's poetic prose!

Ideas on how to organise a Run and run notes

15 November 2020 / Words and Photos: Jeff and Pamela Rowe

For all those who, for the first time, nervously put up their hand and volunteered to orgainse a run, here is some sage advice from some of the best organisers in the Illawarra, perhaps NSW, might I venture Australia or even THE WORLD? Read on .....

Crookwell Sox

12 November 2020 / Words: Norm & Ros Barker. Photos: Rod & Maryanne Nicholas, Norm & Ros Barker

So, socks. Who would have thought a run to a sock factory would be a bucket of fun? But it was! Sock it too me baby, ah ha, ah ha!

Motorkhana 2019 Round 2 - 14 July 2019 - photo by Rob Wilko

Round 2 of the 2020 CLUB motorkhana championship

10 November 2020 / ian Combes

Enter now for Round 2 of the 2020 MX-5 Club Motorkhana championship! Last event of 2020!

Forever Young

29 October 2020 / Words by Peter & Annemie Wilson. Photos by Rod Nicholas

Not all events will be in good weather, but we made the best of the conditions for a drive in the countryside in good company.

Track Day Wakefield Park 2 Jun 2019 - Photo by Rob Wilko

Club track day - 8th November

26 October 2020 / Ian Combes

Only 7 spots left for the last track day of the year on the 8th November!

MXV Award badge

The MXV Award

24 October 2020 / Bryan Shedden

At the AGM on 23 October 2020, the first recipients were announced for a brand new award that is eligible to all members of the MX-5 Club of NSW. The MXV Award is designed to supplement our annual Member of the Year and membership tenure awards.

COVID-19 Update Oct 20

22 October 2020

Latest COVID-19 Update

Bungonia Double Loop

19 October 2020 / Words and Photos by Rod Nicholas

The weather forecast was not looking promising. Almost certain rain, maybe heavy at times, possible thunderstorm. ‘Oh, goody’ I mumbled as I made my first coffee for the day, ‘just what we want for a run’. But by the time we were on our way the sky was not so bleak and I was humming Here Comes the Sun.

Meander to Mogo Zoo

18 October 2020 / Story by Kerry Warner; Photos by Brian Clayton and Anda Clayton

Plan A was Mogo Zoo but the rain said Plan B

Not the Running of the Sheep

14 October 2020 / Words and pictures by Julie and Peter Austin

It wasn't quite the Running of the Sheep, but our leisurely drive through the countryside, which was at its very best, was a treat for all.

Three Gees

14 October 2020 / Words by Patrick McBride. Pictures by Patrick McBride and Rod Nicholas

Three Gees was almost a pure red run, until a lone white ND RF rocked up. Even the swooping magpie thought it was a bit too much.

Wollongong Botanic Garden Visit

06 October 2020 / Words: Jeff & Pam Rowe Photos Chrissie & John Zaremba

Wollongong Botanic Garden are the best!

Hop Into Kangaroo Valley

02 October 2020 / Story by Bill Short; Photos by Anne Zattera, Anda Clayton, Bob Downing and Mark Mansell

We sidestepped the dodgy weather to enjoy the views at Cambewarra and the history of Kangaroo Valley at the Heritage museum. A picnic lunch and a walk in the wilderness, rain, what rain?

COIVD-19 Update Sept 20

30 September 2020

The latest COVID-19 Update

Nature and Telescopes - Run #2

26 September 2020 / Run leader & Story: Ian Bottcher. Photos: Robyn Bottcher

Two new members, Frances and Lili, (both with new red NDs) join in for their first MX-5 club run as we took in the nature at Tidbinbilla and the telescopes at the nearby deep space tracking station .