Club Rules

Adherence to the following Club Rules is a condition of membership

Click here for a copy of the Club's constitution.

On Club runs and other events, you agree and acknowledge that:

  • You will act in a manner so as not to bring disrepute upon the Club; and
  • You will complete your details on the Club’s event attendance sheet; and
  • You will comply with all road laws at all times and abide by the Club Run Code of Conduct or Waypoint Run Guidelines (as applicable), any run notes provided on the day, and the run leader's instructions; and
  • The Club will not be liable for any damage, injury or loss caused directly or indirectly by you whether to yourself, or to any other party; and
  • You will fully indemnify and hold the Club harmless in connection with all claims, direct and indirect loss, damage or injury caused to yourself or to any other party, arising from your participation in the Event, howsoever caused.

Cancellations and non-attendance at events

For events that require payment (for entry, meals etc), if you cancel less than one week before the event or after any other deadline which may be set, or do not turn up at an event for which you have booked a spot, you may be charged in full for that event.

To avoid disappointment, please advise well in advance if you plan to attend. If insufficient numbers RSVP then events may have to be cancelled. For some events a premium fee may be charged to attendees who are non-members.

Club Newsletter

By providing an email address you will be notified via e-mail for all Club correspondence. Receiving correspondence by email is cost effective and expeditious compared to posting, so please provide a valid email address. The quarterly magazine Club Torque is posted to your supplied address if you opt to receive a printed copy. Members who opt out of receiving a printed copy of Club Torque may access a PDF version from here.

Change of personal details

It is your responsibility to advise the Club of any change to your e-mail address, mailing address and phone numbers.