South Coast Meet-up and Winery Lunch

Wed 21 February 2024
Cotter Dam Lookout, Cotter Avenue (
10.00 am
Rod Nicholas, 0419 436 296,
Run Style
Convoy Run
Run Grading

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Catch up with our South Coast Chapter colleagues, and drive with them to the four Winds Winery in Murrumbateman for lunch, and maybe a spot of wine tasting.

Our South Coasters are travelling to Canberra for a few days from 20-22 February, and have several interesting runs organised for their Canberra Country run. They’d love to have a few Canberrans join them during their visit. This run is our chance to share a little of the MX-5 love with them. We’ll join them at the Cotter Dam lookout (where they will be having a peek around) and then run with them to the Four Winds Winery via Mountain Creek and Wee Jasper Roads.

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Run Grade: This is a cruiser run, suitable for most drivers. It features a twisty country road, with a few potholes to avoid. The Club’s Grading System is described at