Vehicle Classes 2024

The intent of our class structure is to provide a logical progression in terms of technical development from a standard road-going MX-5 through various levels of modification up to a dedicated MX-5 race car. The full progression is now available for all MX-5 models.

These 2024 technical rules are carried over from 2023 with a small set of changes. A summary of the changes can be found at end of the 2024 Technical Rules document.

All entrants to club track days are required to submit a Vehicle Declaration Form when entering their first club track day, or when entering with a new car, or after performing any modification that may affect the class of their car.

The 2024 technical rules have three parts:

  1. The technical definition of modifications permitted in the various Classes of vehicle are defined in the 2024 Technical Rules document.

  2. An addendum which defines the methods of calculating the benchmark times and the scoring system used  to calculate points for each event is in the 2024 Benchmark Times document.

  3. The benchmark times for each category of vehicle are shown on the Benchmark Times 2024 page.

Club members wishing to compete in the 2024 NSW Supersprint Championship should be very familiar with the rules for that championship, which can be found on the NSW Supersprint website. In addition, members competing in the new MX-5 Club Modified Class should read the Type RM rules in the 2024 NSW Supersprint Championship rules since the MX-5 Club Modified Class rules are those for Type RM (with some adjustments).