Club Torque 2021-11 cover Winter 2021

Club Torque - Our first digital edition

30 November 2021 / Kerri Langworthy-Ward

Welcome to a new way to view Club Torque, the official magazine of the MX-5 Club of NSW. This is the first time we have produced a purely 'online magazine' instead of printing.

Gingers Creek / Byabarra covid buster run

09 November 2021 / Allen martin

A covid buster run to Gingers Roadhouse and Byabarra for lunch

The logo of the Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW, approved by members on 27th August 2003

COVID Procedures update

29 October 2021 / G Peter Battisson

These COVID-19 procedures supersede all earlier notices. COVID-19 procedures apply to Members & Guests with fully vaccinated or medical exemption certificates.

President’s View of the AGM

25 October 2021 / G Peter Battisson

The Club held it's 2021 AGM on Friday 22nd October at 7.30pm via ZOOM Conferencing. We have a new President, some new people on the Committee ... and even a new Life Member!

The logo of the Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW, approved by members on 27th August 2003

Notification of 2021 Annual General Meeting

17 September 2021 / Words by Phil Donnelley

Notice is hereby given that the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Members of the Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW Incorporated will be held on Friday 22nd October 2021 commencing at 7:30pm. The meeting will take the form of an online virtual meeting using Zoom.

NatMeet 2020 Slide 1 v3

Cancellation of NatMeet 2022

14 September 2021 / Words by Wesley Hill

We were set to go in April 2020. Then covid arrived. We postponed to April 2021, but covid stopped that again. We hoped for April 2022, but sadly that is now impossible too. Read on for more explanation.

Committee Confidential August 2021

09 August 2021

August Committee News

XMS in JULY in Armidale

08 August 2021 / Jillian McDonnell

A winters run to Armidale for Xmas

Goonoo Goonoo Station Run

27 June 2021 / Jill McDonnell

A trundle to Nundle via Goonoo Goonoo

COVID-19 Update 23 June 21

23 June 2021

COVID-19 Update

Committee Confidential June 21

14 June 2021

Committee Confidential

Byabarra via Comboyne Run

02 June 2021 / Words by John Little, Photos by Greg Cox

A mid week run to Comboyne

Harrington via Johns River run

05 May 2021 / John Hansen

A pint of Guiness for lunch

Coffs Harbour via Nambucca run

21 April 2021 / Wayne Lang

A run in the wet to Coffs Harbour Yacht Club

COVID 19 Procedure Update

29 March 2021

The latest COVID 19 Procedure

Pappinbarra Run

13 March 2021 / Wayne Lang

A run to Pappinbarra in the rain.

Forster via Old Bar mystery run

16 February 2021 / Wayne Lang

A mystery run to Forster

Bellbrook Picnic Run

22 January 2021 / Roby Leckenby

A fun run to Pee Dee Creek

COVID-19 Update 10 Jan 2021

10 January 2021

The latest COVID-19 Procedure

MNC Mystery run, Xmas party & presentations

01 January 2021 / John Hansen

MNC Xmas festivities