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Postponement of NatMeet – Further Update

15 March 2020 / Peter & Jill Feutrill

One matter that has been raised a number of times today has been the refund process for people who are unable to attend NatMeet later in the year.

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NatMeet 2020 – Impact of COVID-19

15 March 2020 / Peter & Jill Feutrill

After considering the potential health risks for all attendees, we have come to the difficult decision to postpone NatMeet to a date in either late September or October 2020.

Mazda MX-5 ND media photo

ND Windscreen Replacement

05 March 2020 / Brian Clayton

Have you checked your windscreen insurance lately

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NatMeet 2020 - Registration is now closed

10 November 2019 / Peter Feutrill

Registration for the 2020 Natmeet XIV Hunter Valley is now closed.

Presidents Picnic Report & Results

17 September 2019 / Story by Michael Soulos, photos by Rob Wilko

with 207 attendees, 129 MX-5s, 12 trophies, morning tea, lunch and as close to perfect weather as anyone could ever have hoped for, this year's President's Picnic and competitions were a great success. Read more and see the competition results in News.

Daffodils In Rydal

09 September 2019 / Report by Andy Bottomley & Photos by Ann Hichs

Sharon and Johns Weekend away. Over the Big Hill through Rydal to Mudgee, Muswellbrook and home. 15 hearty souls in 8 cars enjoyed a truly memorable trip. "Now this is a True Story"

Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration Scheme

07 August 2019 / Words by Keith Monaghan

The registration process for the club to offer Historic Vehicle Registration should be finished within the next 4 weeks. This has been an extensive process requiring modifications to the club’s constitution and the development of procedures for the system.

Christmas in July 2019

Christmas in July at The Robertson Hotel

30 July 2019 / Words by Tonia Ciacchi, Photos by Senia & Bob Gaunson and Bill Short

Everybody loves Christmas, so why not take the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July! On Sunday, 28th July 2019, we decided to do just that. I was up early eagerly checking on the weather, and was really pleased to see it was going to be a perfect top down day.

Recall - Mazda MX-5 (ND) MY2015 metal bracket

Safety recall on Mazda MX-5 (ND) MY2015

15 July 2019 / ACCC Product Safety Australia

Mazda Australia have issued a safety recall on the first batch of Mazda MX-5 NDs delivered to Australia in August 2015. If you own an ND, check the VIN list to see if your car is subject to the recall.

Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration System

18 June 2019 / Words by Keith Monaghan

The Mazda MX-5 Club of New South Wales is in the process of setting up the systems and regulations required to meet the needs of the various bodies to be able to offer both Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration.

Central West Nostalgia Run

30 May 2019 / Tony & Iris McDonald, with a few additional words and photos by Rod Nicholas.

The King, the Dish, Bill the B@stard, the museums, the quiz, the karaoke; this run had it all!

Club Torque Autumn Cover Competition

01 May 2019 / Mel Keller

Take part in the Club Torque Autumn cover competition and make your car a star.

MX-5 30th Anniversary at Bathurst

The Cars That Ate Bathurst

04 March 2019 / Words Mel Keller Photos Mel keller Rob Wilkins Andrew Edgar David Bourne

How best to celebrate the MX-5 30th Anniversary? Mount Panorama, Bathurst is a uniquely Australian confluence of blood-pumping motor sport and scenic Sunday drive. It was a natural choice for a gathering of MX-5 friends.

South Coast Chapter first gathering - photo by Anda Clayton

South Coast Chapter launch

04 February 2019 / Story by Bryan Shedden, Photo by Anda Clayton

It's finally happened folks! The inaugural meeting of the South Coast Chapter! Our great Club takes it's next important step in providing for our regional members.

Australia Day 2019 - photo by Rob Wilkins

Australia Day Picnic 2019

04 February 2019 / Words by Bryan Shedden, Photos by Rob Wilkins, Karina Santolin & Mel Keller

A stinking hot day, thong tossing competition, wacky races, BBQs, plenty to eat and drink, and a hoard of MX-5s in patriotic decoration. It's Australia Day 2019.

Club Torque Cover Competition

22 January 2019 / Words Mel Keller

Entries are now open for the Summer Club Torque cover competition.

National Parks Concession Card Holder Application

15 January 2019 / Brigid Gallop

Those members who have a Senior Card or Australian Pension card are eligible for free entry to our National Parks. As we at RPM do intend to visit some National Parks this year it would be a good idea to get a National Park card.

2018 Sydney Christmas Jaunt & MOTY - photo by Rob Wilkins

Sydney Chapter Christmas Jaunt

30 November 2018 / Words by Bryan Hicks, Photos by David Raghavan & Rob Wilkins

Sydney members enjoyed a great drive to the Blue Mountains for a hearty Christmas lunch at Wentworth Falls. Read on to find out who are the Sydney Chapter Members of the Year.

Tour de Tassie - ND 1 vs ND2 - photo by Joe Kovacic

Tour de Tassie - ND1 vs ND2 Comparison

24 November 2018 / Words & Photos by Joe Kovacic

What an opportunity to compare the ND1 against the ND2 in no better place than the roads and tracks of Tasmania. Where else in the country can you drive around with your track numbers on?

Christmas is coming

28 October 2018

Have you booked to attend your Chapter's Christmas party? Read on for more details.