Canberra Chapter News

Three Gees

14 October 2020 / Words by Patrick McBride. Pictures by Patrick McBride and Rod Nicholas

Three Gees was almost a pure red run, until a lone white ND RF rocked up. Even the swooping magpie thought it was a bit too much.

COIVD-19 Update Sept 20

30 September 2020

The latest COVID-19 Update

Nature and Telescopes - Run #2

26 September 2020 / Run leader & Story: Ian Bottcher. Photos: Robyn Bottcher

Two new members, Frances and Lili, (both with new red NDs) join in for their first MX-5 club run as we took in the nature at Tidbinbilla and the telescopes at the nearby deep space tracking station .

Nature And Telescopes Run#1

14 September 2020 / Words by Norm Barker. Photos by Norm Barker, Rod & Maryanne Nicholas

We set off in bright sunshine to find our share of nature and telescopes on a relaxed Sunday drive.

Steve's Loopy Lunch Run (Version 2)

03 September 2020 / Words and photos: Peter & Annemie Wilson

It was a clear sunny day in Canberra for a run on the first day of Spring. Three cars assembled at the Hall lay-by for the second Steve's Loopy picnic run to Uriarra Crossing. Ideal weather for a top down run under a blue sky and a slight breeze.

Wombat Wandering Picnic Run

02 September 2020 / Words and photos by Rod Nicholas

The weak sun glistened on the frost as I let the dog out in the morning. Ice was thick on the car windscreens. ‘Minus three’ my weather app proclaimed, but the sky was blue and cloudless. ‘Top down’ I thought as I prepared for John’s Wombat Wandering Picnic Run.

Steve's Loopy Lunch - Run #1

02 September 2020 / Words by Steve and Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Rod and Maryanne Nicholas

It was the 30th August and although not quite Spring, at 18 degrees and a bright sunny day it certainly felt like Spring had arrived early in the ACT. The best weather for having the top down on your convertible.

COVID-19 Update

30 August 2020 / Keith Monaghan

The latest COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

13 August 2020

The latest COVID Procedure.

Mid-year Magical Monsoonal Mystery Tour

26 July 2020 / Words by Ian Leyton-Grant, photos by Rod Nicholas

The forecast was for rain all day, but there was little sight of it when we all assembled at the starting point. Everyone was eager to get out and enjoy the day. A little rain, a biting wind, and almost Antarctic temperatures weren't going to get in the way.

COVID-19 Update 24 July 2020

25 July 2020

The Latest COVID-19 Requirements

COVID-19 Update 16 Jul 20

16 July 2020

Latest COVID-19 requirements

Canberra COVID Crushing Cruise to the Coast

04 July 2020 / Words: Ron & Maree Tollenaar Photos: Ron Tollenaar, Rod Nicholas

It may have been -3 overnight in Canberra but the morning opened up to a beautiful blue sky and we headed off to the rendezvous point, bright and early, to meet up with another 15 members, all raring to go, and five of them rocking up with their roofs already down in true MX-5 style.

Lunch at the Taralga Pub

29 June 2020 / Words: Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos: Rod Nicholas

A late change of Run Leader did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm as we finally got back on the road.

The first ever Club Run was held on 8 July 1990. The destination was Kiama for a spit roast lunch, after morning tea at Bulli Tops. The return trip was via Saddleback Mountain and Bald Hill Headland Reserve. Photo by Elaine Caldwell.

The Club's 30th Birthday

25 June 2020 / Keith Monaghan

30 Years. What a great club.

COVID-19 Update 14 June 2020

14 June 2020

We are slowly opening up our events with groups of 20 allowed

COVID-19 Update

24 May 2020

The latest COVID-19 procedures

Tallagandra Hill Winery Lunch

26 April 2020 / Words and photos by Rod Nicholas

My calendar reminded me that today we were going on a run to Tallagandra Hill Winery. ‘Traffic is light. It will take 30 minutes to arrive’ it told me. Ordinarily, that would have been a fib.

COVID-19 Update 19 April 20

19 April 2020

COVID-19 how are we going at April 2020

COVID-19 Update

25 March 2020 / Keith Monaghan

As per the government’s new regulations we must cancel all club activities effective from 23 March 2020 until further notice.