Canberra Chapter News

Mid-week Run to Gunning

15 August 2022 / Words and pictures by Rod Nicholas

You would think, as the Run Leader and the Chapter’s Runs Coordinator, that I would remember when the run was on.

Mid-week Pub Run to the Lake George Hotel

19 July 2022 / Words by Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Rod Nicholas

Today’s run was to the Lake George Hotel in Bungendore, a couple of hours away and a distance of about 150 km. The weather was a bit cold at 15 degrees, with a few clouds but no wind. Good enough for a top-down drive.

When is a run not a run? Chasing the Brass Monkey

12 July 2022 / Words and photos by Peter & Annemie Wilson

Bad weather was on the way, but we were not to be deterred.

Bowral Adventure

29 June 2022 / Words by Mike Lawless. Photos by Mike Lawless, Peter Wilson, Rod Nicholas

Mike and Jo promised that a couple of days touring the Southern Highlands would be a great break from the Canberra mid-winter blues. They sure were.

Now with added Gs! (5G 4 Lunch

21 June 2022 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Pictures by Rod Nicholas, Maryanne Nicholas and Donna Sharp

There’s heaps to think about when planning a run. A destination. A route there and a route back. A start point and time. And a snappy title.

Crookwell Pub Lunch

14 June 2022 / Words by Peter & Annemie Wilson. Photos by Peter & Annemie Wilson and Stephen Yong

e arrived at the Bakery just before 10.00am and half of the group were already enjoying cakes and coffee before the 10.30am start. It was cold outside and a chill factor from that breeze was more than a little chilling. It was a very quick briefing in the car park.

Coota Caper

01 June 2022 / Words by peter & Annemie Wilson, Pictures by Peter Wilson & Rod Nicholas

It was a typical Autumn morning in Canberra, around five degrees with a few clouds in a blue sky. The call was for 'tops down' as we headed off on our Coota Caper.

Gems of the Central West

23 May 2022 / Words by James & Giulia Schiemer

The morning was cool and cloudy. The cemetery was misty, tranquil and serene. Wait ... what? The cemetery?

Brindabella Hills Winery Lunch

29 April 2022 / Words by Steve & Cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Gordon & Vicki Hunt, Rod Nicholas

At the respectful hour of 10:15 am we meet at the base of the Cotter dam before setting out on a 1hr 30 min run through the back roads to Yass and then onto the Barton Highway, ending up at the Brindabella Hills Winery for lunch.

Long Way for Fish ‘n’ Chips

23 April 2022 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Photos by Rod Nicholas, Rob Wilkins and Barry Matson

It was only a small contingent from Canberra that gathered in Bungendore to hit the coast for fish ‘n’ chips, reinforced by a friendly face from Sydney. And we were meeting a bunch of South Coasters too. So, all was good.

Crookwell Lunch Run

27 March 2022 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Pictures by Rod Nicholas and Gordon Hunt

I knew as I pulled into the start point that we were going to be the odd one out – the pilsner in a round of stouts, the lone Pies jumper in a sea of Blues, the lemonade among a bunch of raspberry cordials.

Bermi Run 2022

16 March 2022 / Words by Steve & cecelia Wakeling. Photos by Rod Nicholas and Norm Barker

A bit of rain. A bit of sun. A bite of dinner. Lotsa fun.

Tracking History at Honeysuckle Creek

22 February 2022 / Words by Mike Lawless & Rod Nicholas. Photos by Mike Lawless, Rod Nicholas & Barry Matson

We set off on a perfect Canberra summer day to track down a bit of history. We were on a picnic run out to the site of Canberra’s Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station, a vital link in the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969.

Steve’s February Pub Lunch

22 February 2022 / Words by Steve Wakeling. Photos by Jo

The sign read “Winding road for 35 Kms”. I thought, 'you beaut'!

Canberra Chapter Pizza Evening

22 February 2022 / Bob Judd & Bricet Kloren

If there is one thing Canberra Chapter members enjoy, it is spending time with each other in gorgeous surroundings, while consuming beautifully prepared and presented food and drink.

Araluen Pub Run

05 February 2022 / Words by Rod Nicholas. Photos by Rod & Maryanne Nicholas and Bill Short.

Ten cars. Two start points. Harley Davisons. Good pub food. Potholes. Sunshine. Rain. What more could you want?

Cordeaux Dam Oz Day Picnic

04 February 2022 / Words and Photos by Rod Nicholas

A small contingent of four cars moved out from Bungendore on a warming Wednesday morning. Lids down, caps on, we headed out for a roundabout trip through the scenic countryside ...

Australia Day 2022!

31 January 2022 / Words: Senia Gaunson Photos: Senia Gaunson, Bryan Shedden, Rob Wilco, Brendan Barr

A big event with interclub cricket, thong throwing and Jenga challenges to add to the celebration, the only thing missing was vegemite. Great organisation by Senia and Lena!

Five Hills 2022

27 January 2022 / Words by Norm Barker. Photos by Norm & Ros Barker, Rod & Maryanne Nicholas

Five Hills is an annual event as a heart-starter for the year's activities. This one was a beauty.

Club Torque Spring 2021

09 January 2022 / Words by G Peter Battisson and Kerri Langworthy-Ward

Well folks, it’s finally here, your latest “Club Torque Spring 2021”. It has taken Kerri -your Vice President and all round Super Woman with her astonishing Superpowers- and I -you’re getting fatter, little, over worked President- an incredible amount of time and hair pulling -hers, not mine, as I have very little- frustration to get this edition f